Bottoms Family Cemetery

Hewell Road

Fayetteville, GA



The cemetery was read on May 17, 2007, by members of the James Waldrop Chapter DAR.  The reading and digitizing of the grave sites was started at the front of the cemetery and was read from right to left.  The majority of the graves are from the Bottoms Family. 








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Many of the graves are marked only with fieldstones.








         Bottoms Family Cemetery Graves




Row 1                                                                                                        Row 3


John James Bottoms  1886-1886                                                 John Waldrop 1795-1836




     W W Bottoms                                                                            James Waldrop  d. 1846



    Susan Bottoms



    G W Bottoms

    1840-1920                                                                                  Mary Waldrop 1761-1850




     Row 2


 John M(?) Bottoms  1877-1877                                                          Jordan Lord d. 1875




 Elisa M Bottoms  1821-1891

                                                                                                   Thomas Simpson d. 1906



 James Bottoms 1798-1866

                                                                                                   Rev R H Bottoms 1854-1890




 John S Bottoms  1825-1859




Richard Anthony Bottoms 1858-1860




 Vannie Walker 1865-1866







photos A. S. Eldredge 2007





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